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Life in Guatemala

This journey is not all work!  GV has been living in the community of San Miguel Escobar for the first time this year, and has been welcomed warmly.  On a daily basis, we are greeted with new sights, sounds, and smells, as we walk through the city, travel to our work sites, learn salsa, or […]

Building Change

The bulk of students’ mornings are spent at their worksites. , After seven days of work Thursday was the last day for students to work at their individual sites, so we asked them to talk about what that experience had meant. Charlie: “I have been most challenged by working with people I don’t know, but […]

At the work site: Construction

This years students are working to build three classrooms at the same school that GV worked on in 2013.  Last year’s rooms are completed, and now filled with students during the day, as the GV team works across the way to mix cement, lay block and prepare rebar to support the walls of learning.  The […]

Out of our comfort zones

As parents, students, staff, and former participants, you’ve heard GV leaders talk constantly about stepping out of comfort zones.  On a journey like the one we are one, the experience becomes so much richer when you get a little uncomfortable, when you challenge yourself to see things differently, and when you try things you’ve never […]

At the work site: Common Hope

Global Visionaries added a fourth worksite to our program this year, hoping that by keeping our teams small, we would encourage students to connect with Guatemalans, and each other, more, and to have more opportunities to take leadership roles on the work site. GV partnered with Common Hope back in the early days, and has […]

Shout Outs

Julia S. says it best: “The best, most rewarding part of my day was when I realized how many good friends I made.  For the first time, I feel pretty connected to the whole team, everyone was there for me, and I was able to have good conversations with a bunch of people I haven’t […]

The Guatemalan Classroom

As the journey continues, we spend lots of time discussing in big and small groups, about how this experience affects each of us.  One of the biggest themes emerges around the story we each tell ourselves as we see poverty, hard work, inspiring moments, human connection and new sights, and how it changes.  Many of […]

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