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Global Leaders is an independent 501c3 organization that empowers students. We are proud to call two dynamic communities home: Fort Collins, CO and Colorado Springs. Our program is unique in its local focus. Our students are able to develop a lifelong ethic of service because they combine local service-learning experiences with international service-learning experiences; they see both of these communities with new eyes.

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Our Impact

Global Leaders aims to educate and empower students outside of the four walls of the traditional classroom. Due to our dedication to eliminating financial barriers to participation, GL’s participants come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Regardless of ability to pay, all student participants commit to learning the skills and tools necessary to  become effective leaders. Through multiple local community service partnerships,  leadership and cultural competency training, and student-led service initiatives, GL students recognize that through their vision and action they can lead others in creating just and sustainable change.




Over the past 22 years, Global Leaders has led journeys to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ghana, Tonga, and the US Southwest. 



Years Serving communities

Global Leaders has developed strong partnerships with communities in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, San Mateo California, and Guatemala. 



Thousand hours of local and international service

In the last 2 decades, Global Leaders participants have volunteered tens of thousands of hours in their local communities, as well as internationally


Our Programs

Global Leaders is a 9-month leadership and service learning program dedicated to empowering students to create change at home and abroad. We currently run three programs designed to develop leadership, an ethic of service, and a love of travel. 


GL Guatemala: Summer

Each June, we take a group of high school students on a 2-week journey to Guatemala. Students stay with carefully selected Guatemalan families, work on one of several service projects, and receive 20 hours of 1:1 Spanish Lessons. 

GL local

Participate in our 9-month leadership and service program without traveling abroad! GL Local students complete the entire program in their own community without the travel requirement at the end.  

GIrls' Rites

Girls’ Rites is a 9-month leadership program for high school girls. We empower girls and women to cultivate community and personal growth through rites of passage: mentorship, intergenerational service-learning and activism, and adventure.


2017 Student:

“The best thing I experienced with GL is the amount of compassion [experienced] and the ability to be disturbed. Before this trip/program I was very naive and unaware about what I was doing to my community and what I needed to do for it.”

Salina B. / PHS



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